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Dr. Aganon, Marie E.
Director, Center for Labor and Grassroots Initiatives

Prof. Aganon, Virgilio

Dr. Amante, Maragtas S.V.

Prof. Asuncion, Ronahlee A.

Dr. Atienza, Theresita V.

Atty. Barriatos, Nick B.

Dr. Bejasa, Zenaida

Atty. Bitonio, Ernesto Benedicto Jr.

Dr. Binghay, Virgel C.
Director, Center for Industry Productivity and Competitiveness

Prof. Cornel, Eleanor Sarra

Prof. Laguitao, Luz

Dr. Maayo, Geraldine C.

Prof. Macaranas, Bonifacio S.
College Secretary, UP SOLAIR
Executive Director, CLEARED, Inc.

Dr. Macaraya, Bach

Dr. Ofereneo, Rene P.
Director, Center for Labor Justice

Atty. Protacio, Sally

Atty. Sadsad, Gerardo

Atty. Sale, Jonathan P.
Chairperson, Student Disciplinary Tribunal – UP Diliman

Prof. Santos, Rolando

Prof. Sibal, Jorge V.

Prof. Sison, Geodicio T.

Dr. Teodosio, Virginia A.

Prof. Tolentino, Ma. Catalina

Dr. Yuzon, Isagani F.
Chairperson, Graduate Studies Program – UP SOLAIR

Atty. Ziga, Lorenzo V.