The UP School of Labor and Industrial Relations Student Council (SOLAIR SC) traces its roots from the UP Industrial Relations Society (UP IRS), which was the most active student organization in the college during the previous years.

As an academic organization, the UP IRS became the home for many students of UP SOLAIR. It hosted significant programs geared towards the academic and social development of the students. Being the only student-run organization at that time, its officers were primarily designated as the college’s student council officers. Membership in this organization becomes automatic as long as the student is currently enrolled in the college.

There were calls to formally institutionalize a UP SOLAIR Student Council that will officially represent the students of UP SOLAIR. After gaining support from the council and the college administration, together with some volunteer students who acted as Electoral Board, a general election was held last March 8, 2008 which was participated by the college student population. This election determined the group of students who will eventually become the first officially-elected UP SOLAIR Student Council.

UP SOLAIR SC AY 2009 – 2010